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Web Hosting is one form of rental services on the Internet That allows a person online to the websites / web on the internet. The place is Called the hosting of data storage, and usually Measured in units of capacity in megabytes (Mb) up to terabytes (Tb) and have a connection to the internet so That data can be requested or accessed by users from all over the place simultaneously. So in short for web hosting is a web hosting or data storage from a web.

With the Increasing number of web hosting companies That Sell services the make consumers confused in determining the choice. There are companies That offer hosting at a great price some are very cheap, there are limits there are also features include unlimited Tha ... Read more »
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Bluetooth is the industry specification for personal area networks (personal area networks, or PAN) without wires. Bluetooth connects and can be used to perform the exchange of information the between devices. Specification of Bluetooth devices was developed and distributed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Bluetooth Operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band using a frequency hopping traceiver capable of Providing voice and data communication services in real time the between bluetooth host-host with limited distance.weakness of this technology is a short range and low data transfer capability.

The presence of Bluetooth makes a person no longer mess ... Read more »
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The competition gets tougher and intense in the video game market, and Sony is preparing itself for the release of PlayStation 4 or PS4. In fact, while the PlayStation 4 is currently getting its treatment, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 6 are in the early stages of planning and conceptualization at Sony’s R&D labs.

The world eagerly waits for the next generation PlayStation 4 sported with hi-tech gaming features and latest technologies. Gamers are not just expecting the PS4 to have a combination of motion and dual-shock controllers, but also 3D gaming experience. There’s no reason why one should not expect what the next version of PS4 will contain, since technology has advanced widely and effecti ... Read more »

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Bugreport offers a resource of up-to-date exploits and advisories found by Amnpardaz security research team. We are comprised of security professionals that are dedicated to provide the necessary information to secure application software. We accomplish this goal by publishing new security advisories on the internet. Bug-report staff is made up of a group of highly skilled professionals, all directly engaged in the technical computer and software security arenas.

Visit :-
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Here is funny incident one day a mother of a 10-year-old boy in Coventry has been expressing her shock after a demonstration model of Apple’s iPhone 4S swore at her son.Kim Le Quesne told the Coventry Telegraph that her son Charlie was out shopping with his father in a local branch of Tesco, saw the handset in a display and asked the Siri personal assistant software how many people there were in the world.

The phone replied by telling the lad that it wasn’t sure what he was saying, and telling him to "Shut the f*** up, you ugly t***.”

"It’s verbal abuse,” Mrs Le Quesne said. "We can’t believe the filth it came out with. He showed my husband what the phone had said to him and my husband found the store manager and said ‘it shouldn’t be saying that’.”

Tesco promised the device would be sent off to Apple for diagnostics, but it seems likely that some merry prankster had cha ... Read more »
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Search Engine Optimization is a technique, by which one enables search engines to find and rank your site better than hundreds of thousands of websites in the world wide web, in response to a search query, called Keyword.

Whenever one enters a search query in a search engine and clicks search or hits enter, a list of sites appear. It is general tendency that the viewers visit the sites on the top of the list, as it is perceived that they are more relevant to the search query. Who decides, which sites go on the top of the rankings? Each search engine scans or "crawls” the web reading every page and recording every activity. Sites which are better optimized and relate to a keyword, are favoured more than sites which are not. These crawlers visit the site continuously over staggered intervals of time, depending on the level of activity, looking for changes. ... Read more »

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Hello Friends happy new year, from a past everyone is learning hacking hacking and hacking. But they just start doing it, without knowing the basic facts. Here i will share some basic things with you , which you should know before starting your tour of learning hacking.

First there are many website available that will ask you for private info/money in return of Hacking tool or who claim to Hack Email Id’s in return of money. All such things are Scam . Nothing Works.And after purchasing the tool you can not report even because in deep you are too purchasing sum thing illegal.

One thing you should know that there is no direct so ... Read more »
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