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Main » 2012 » January » 8 » All You Want to Know About Bluetooth Technology | Rahul Tyagi White Hat Blog
12:35 PM
All You Want to Know About Bluetooth Technology | Rahul Tyagi White Hat Blog
Bluetooth is the industry specification for personal area networks (personal area networks, or PAN) without wires. Bluetooth connects and can be used to perform the exchange of information the between devices. Specification of Bluetooth devices was developed and distributed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Bluetooth Operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band using a frequency hopping traceiver capable of Providing voice and data communication services in real time the between bluetooth host-host with limited distance.weakness of this technology is a short range and low data transfer capability.

The presence of Bluetooth makes a person no longer mess around with what cable, what color, heading nowhere, and must be plugged in where.
The function of the interconnection the between the equipment can be replaced by bluetooth chipset That Is placed in a built-in electronic related equipment.

The name "Bluetooth" is derived from the name of the king at the end of ten Centuries, Harald Blatand the which in England is also Called Harald Bluetooth. Connotation is not so far wrong, Because According to mythology story, Supposedly Bluetooth-haired and dark skinned. He likes to eat blueberries or strawberries, then it is worth the tooth Blatand Pls Become Bluish or blue tooth.

He is the king of Denmark WHO has managed to unite the tribes That Previously fought, including the tribes of the area now Called Norway and Sweden. Even the Scania region in Sweden, where bluetooth technology is found to also include territories. King's abilities as a unifier is also similar to Bluetooth technology can connect Various Now That Such devices as personal computers and mobile phones.

While the Bluetooth logo comes from the German Unification of the two letters the which are analogous with the letter H and B (short for Harald Bluetooth), namely H (Hagall) and Runic letter (Blatand) the which are then combined.

Beginning of Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology (without cable) That operate in the 2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM frequency band (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) using a frequency hopping transceiver is capable of Providing voice and data communication services in real-time hosts the between bluetooth -host with limited service reach distance (around 10 meters).

That card Bluetooth uses the IEEE 802.11 radio frequency standard with a limited range of services and lower ability to transfer data from card to Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

Formation Bluetooth Promoted by five large companies Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba to form a Special Interest Group (SIG), the which launched this project. In July 1999 document Bluetooth specification version 1.0 was launched.

In December 1999 again started making Bluetooth specification version 2.0 documents with the Addition of Four New promoters of 3Com, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft and Motorola. Currently, more than 1800 companies in Various Fields to join in a consortium as an adopter of bluetooth technology. Although the standard Bluetooth SIG is currently 'owned' by the promoter group but he is expected to Become an IEEE standard (802.15).
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