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Many People feel unsecured while chatting on Skype in windows platform due to the FUD (Fully Undetectable Viruses) threat. Hence today in this tutorial i will tell you how you can run Skype in Linux Platform which is almost 98% secure from RAT and other malicious viruses.

Here we Have two methods of installing Skype in Ubuntu Linux

1. Through Ubuntu Software Center
2. Manual Method 

Skype Through Ubuntu Software Center
For this just  go to Ubuntu Software Center and in search type Skype , Ubuntu 11.10 Support Skype 2.0 Version for Linux. Click on install and in few minutes you are ready to use the Skype.

... Read more »
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In this article i will show you how you can run Metasploit Framework in your iPhone. I tried it my self and for me Meterpreter shell going like hot knife in butter. So lets start, First You need to have a Jailbroken iPhone with SSH access for this. You will also need to install nano and APT 0.7 Strict via Cydia. Getting everything up and running is a breeze now. Now Follow the steps to run metasploit framework on your iPhone.

Step 1:   cd /private/var/
Step 2:   apt-get install subversion nano ruby rubygems wget python
Step 3:   apt-get clean
Step 4:   wget
Step 5:   tar jxpf framew ... Read more »
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Here today i will show you a small program in perl with it you can retrieve the windows clipboard content in flash. First follow the program below and read the instructions to make it happen.

You need perl language to run it so download by clicking here

use strict;
use Win32::Clipboard;
my $clip = Win32::Clipboard();
my $clipboard;
if ($clipboard = $clip->Get() ) {
print "Clipboard Contents\n”;
print "-” Χ 20,"\n”;
print $clipboard."\n”;
else {
print "Error retrieving clipboad contents:
”.Win32::FormatMessage(Win32::GetLastError() )."\n”;

Now Just Save the program in in C drive .

Go to command prompt and type , For e.g:-  C:/  and press enter
. Now you will see the text y ... Read more »
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Well this is the time now when i think its my responsibility to let know what exactly is the work of a hacker or i would better to use a word cyber security expert. My dear friends you can make one Google search and you will find more than one lac companies/organizations/institutes and individuals who are teaching hacking. And its really sad to let you know that if we left few else are just playing wit the career of students by teaching them useless hacking which is not related to the real hacking.


When a student done a workshop or a ethical hacking course then they transform themselves to some black hat underground hacking forums. There is nothing bad in learning from black hat forums but my dear friends most of us trying to learn max black hat things like how to hack credit cards how to shell website , hacking email id .  i really do not know ... Read more »

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'Anonymous' hacks U.S., NATO data 31 Jan 2012 The hacker group "Anonymous" exposed thousands of email addresses and passwords belonging to U.S. and NATO officials that it obtained due to a security breach. The online hacktivist group claimed it had stolen intelligence analysis firm Stratfor's confidential client list, which included the U.S. Defense Department, Army, Air Force, law enforcement agencies, top security contractors and technology firms like Apple and Microsoft, over Christmas. Among the huge trove of private information exposed by the group are email addresses/personal information belonging to 221 British military officials, 242 NATO staff and 19-thousand U.S. military personnel.

Anonymous has thrown its weight behind whistleblow ... Read more »
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Many of you using Backtrack 5 , and what found is that there is no Ubuntu Software Center for installing new softwares , many users quit using backtrack and starts using Blackbuntu only for this reason. But tonight in this tutorial i will tell you how you can install Ubuntu Software Center in Backtrack 5 too .

Step 1. Open the Terminal Window

-> This kind of thing you will see when you open the terminal.

Step 2. Now type in
apt-get install software-center

For E.g:- root@bt:~#apt-get install soft ... Read more »
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Step 1. First of all go to and sign up there. This is a site where you can receive fax or voice calls without having a phone no. When you create an account on this site, it will provide you an unique phone no. of US.

Step 2. Now go for creating account on gmail, enter all the information as you want, but in Location fill 'United States'.

Step 3. Now click on 'I accept, create an account'.

Step 4. Now it will take you to mobile verification page. Here select the option of Voice call and fill the no. that you got from

Step 5. Now you will get a mail having verification code as voi ... Read more »
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Rooting your device means obtaining "superuser” rights and permissions to your Android’s software. With these elevated user privileges, you gain the ability to load custom software (ROM’s), install custom themes, increase performance, increase battery life, and the ability to install software that would otherwise cost extra money.

Rooting is essentially "hacking” your Android device. Its same like to "Jailbreaking” your iPhone.

Why We Call it Rooting?

The word "root” comes from the Linux field and is used to describe a user who has "superuser” rights or permissions to all the files and programs in the software Operating System. The root user, because they have "superuser” privileges, can essentially change or modify any of the software code on the device.

If you see , your ph ... Read more »
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