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Main » 2012 » February » 3 » Windows Clipboard Content Retriever in Perl
9:56 PM
Windows Clipboard Content Retriever in Perl
Here today i will show you a small program in perl with it you can retrieve the windows clipboard content in flash. First follow the program below and read the instructions to make it happen.

You need perl language to run it so download by clicking here

use strict;
use Win32::Clipboard;
my $clip = Win32::Clipboard();
my $clipboard;
if ($clipboard = $clip->Get() ) {
print "Clipboard Contents\n”;
print "-” Χ 20,"\n”;
print $clipboard."\n”;
else {
print "Error retrieving clipboad contents:
”.Win32::FormatMessage(Win32::GetLastError() )."\n”;

Now Just Save the program in in C drive .

Go to command prompt and type , For e.g:-  C:/  and press enter
. Now you will see the text you copied which is ready to paste.

Article :- Rahul Tyagi

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