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Main » 2012 » February » 3 » A True Ethical Hacker | Must Read For All
9:05 PM
A True Ethical Hacker | Must Read For All

Well this is the time now when i think its my responsibility to let know what exactly is the work of a hacker or i would better to use a word cyber security expert. My dear friends you can make one Google search and you will find more than one lac companies/organizations/institutes and individuals who are teaching hacking. And its really sad to let you know that if we left few else are just playing wit the career of students by teaching them useless hacking which is not related to the real hacking.


When a student done a workshop or a ethical hacking course then they transform themselves to some black hat underground hacking forums. There is nothing bad in learning from black hat forums but my dear friends most of us trying to learn max black hat things like how to hack credit cards how to shell website , hacking email id .  i really do not know who MF (Abuse) added this thing in the official work of a ethical hacker. You will not be able to get a reputated job by just learning how  a email id. Please you think once what you will get after hacking name fame ? nothing my dear what you will get is the appreciations from your belonging ki wah u hacked gud gud ur a great hacker what else them hmm??????

Nothing my dear nothing you will get nothing , yes we ned hackers but the real work of hacker is just neglected by trainers and students even. Students want to hack Google even ? but when they sir can we hack this website then questioned them what u will get if u hack this particular website and there answer is sir dosto mein repo ban jayegi that me a gud hacker.... My dear sweet beta g -- agar repo bnani hai to us cheez se banooo ki jisko koi use karke apni life ko secure bna sake. At-least he/ she can protect them self. Even i don't consider my self a ethical hacker and i don't have any shame to say that because i am not into server security and core web penetration testing.

Ok Atlast i really request student to be mature and do learn hacking but for protection not for destruction.

Request from Rahul Taygi

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