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Starting today, we have implemented a partnership with Facebook, arguably the largest, most important platform on the globe, to better protect users against malicious links leading to malware-embedded websites and fraud.

A platform as popular as Facebook is naturally a target for attackers. We have been working with Facebook and their security teams for a number of years in order to keep their users safe, but now we have integrated directly into the platform for an unprecedented security combination.

Soon, when a user clicks on a URL that has been posted within Facebook, that link will be sent to Websense for security classification. The Websense® ThreatSeeker® Cloud, an advanced classification and malware identification platform, will then analyze the link in real time. If the destination site is considered unsafe, the user is presented with a warning page that offers the choice to continue at their own risk, return to the previous scr ... Read more »
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 ATM hacking is from past is the first interest of every computer hacker.And in this article i will talk about ATM Hacking, things like how ATM Works , What are the vulnerabilities available to exploit and last but not least YES, how to patch them. So starting from the first how ATM works.

Warning:- Hacking ATM is highly illegal. Can Put you into cell for minimum 3 years along with fine 7 lac.This article is just for education purpose only do respect the law in your country, the author of the tutorial do not held any responsibility of the act or trails performed by you after reading the article.

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Warning:- This post is just for education purpose only my motive is to show you how this attack works.

First these days in shopping malls and in other stores in India mostly  they have a cashier machine. What i found is that, they are using Casio electronic cashier. So here is what a hacker will do to hack the casio electronic machine.

We work on the princial of Buffer Overflow , ya may be u will laugh that how we can produce a buffer overflow in a static chip machine. But the overflow i am talking about is not related to the software we will try to overflow the electronic voltage which is required to run the Casio machine. To get teh root access of the machine.

So what you need. First you need a Pair of Gloves ( For your protec ... Read more »
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What’s the weirdest interview question you’ve ever gotten? Let us know in the comments, and browse the strangest interview questions from tech companies on Glassdoor’s list below.

"How many people are using Facebook in San Francisco at 2:30 p.m. on a Friday?” — Asked at Google, Vendor Relations Manager candidate

"If Germans were the tallest people in the world, how would you prove it?” — Asked at Hewlett-Packard, Product Marketing Manager candidate

"Given 20 ‘destructible’ light bulbs (which br ... Read more »

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The Badlapur police have arrested Rishikesh Shukla, 22, who fraudulently procured a BSNL WLL (Wireless Local Loop) connection and made international calls worth Rs 42,52,480. Shukla is a native of Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and currently lives in Kalyan Kolsewadi.

Sunil Manjhi, BSNL officer, Kalyan division, said, "While applying for a BSNL WLL connection, Shukla had submitted a copy of his PAN card, a copy of his house agreement and address proof, so we allotted him a connection on September 14.”  Shukla paid the bill for the period September 14 to October 14 and then applied for an ISD call facility, for which he deposited Rs 3,000 with BSNL. From November 3 to November 23, he made several international calls, for which BSNL sent him a bill of Rs 42,52,480.

Manjhi ... Read more »

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As more and more celebrities join the social networking bandwagon, they also become increasingly vulnerable to hacking.  From heads of states to Hollywood celebrities, this year saw a series of hacking incidents involving high-profile victims.  Check out the most controversial ones.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez's Twitter and Facebook fans woke up to an uncharacteristic post about her boyfriend Justin Bieber. The venomous post screamed "Oh yeah, JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!!!!!!".  The teen singer immediately clarified that it was a case of hacking and she had nothing to do with the post.

Ashton Kutcher
Hollywo ... Read more »

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Women are getting more attracted towards phone than men! Women are growing really fast and so are the mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung Apple and to cope up with the prevailing demands of the women, companies are constantly designing and releasing phones which women are expected to purchase but no one can predict a woman’s choice, I have to agree to it and so has to do the companies.

Women generally love colors like Pink, guys with cute faces etc. A woman has a lot of fixed choices unlike boys, same goes in case of mobiles. If one mobile gets famous among women then there are almost 83% chances that other women will purchase it too, disregarding the things like specs and price, that’s what a survey says.

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First of All I like to Thanks Rahul Tyagi sir for posting my article here. I am Gurender Singh from institute of engineering & technology bhaddal (IET BHADDAL) , ropar doing B.TECH in IT , i am intersted in discovering various new things, one of my creation is
BUST3R WEB BROWSER, its a awesome browser to surf internet.

Some Features of The Bust3r Browser

1, Themes available .. u can apply different themes.. :)

2, Search provider ava ... Read more »
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1. Open your Internet Explorer (Not Firefox). Make sure that you are the admin of your computer. Then, go to the page in that you want to download.

2. Now, go to "C:\Documents and Settings\%your admin name%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\” of your computer. Delete all of the content of that folder.

3. In your Internet Explorer, refresh the page and browse-thru the pages of the books that you want to download.

4. Refresh the "Temporary Internet Files” folder. Copy all PNG files to another folder. You can distinguish PNG Files through its icon.

These files that you have just copied are, actually, the pages of the books that you have just browsed. Put it in one folder then read with ACDSee or ... Read more »

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