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LDAP Injection is an attack used to exploit web based applications that construct LDAP statements based on user input. When an application fails to properly sanitize user input, it’s possible to modify LDAP statements using a local proxy. This could result in the execution of arbitrary commands such as granting permissions to unauthorized queries, and content modification inside the LDAP tree. The same advanced exploitation techniques available in SQL Injection can ... Read more »
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Hello friends this is a great tutorial from my friend Dexter Philip one of the great geeks In India. Explore the tutorial and enjoy the stuff.

Full Tutorial On Using A Keylooger - By Dexter Philip 

---------------------TUTORIAL ON USING ARDAMAX KEYLOGER--------------------------- ... Read more »
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Hi now hack the security cameras of companies. This tutorial will help you to do that.'

Step 1: Go to Google! http://www.google.com

Step 2: Enter one of the following lines: (Note, Do not enter the whole lot, that won't work!)

* inurl:”CgiStart?page=”
* inurl:/view.shtml
* intitle:”Live View / – AXIS
* inurl:view/view.shtml
* inurl:ViewerFrame?Mode=
* inurl:ViewerFrame?Mode=Refresh
* inurl:axis-cgi/jpg
* inurl:axis-cgi/mjpg (motion-JPEG) (disconnected)
* inurl:view/indexFrame.shtml
* inurl:view/index.shtml
* inurl:view/view.shtml
* liveapplet
* intitle:”live view” intitle:axis
* intitle:liveapplet
* allintitle:”Network Camera NetworkCamera” (disconnected)
* intitle:axis intitle:”video server”
* intitle:liveapplet inurl:LvAppl
* intitle:”EvoCam” inurl:”webcam.html”
* intitle:”Live NetSnap C ... Read more »
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Cracking Windows 8 Passwords
Bossa's Guide to Activate windows 7 with not genuine software message in corner.

First of all open Command Prompt which is in Start Menu , All Programs , Accessories ... but you must run as administrator.

Then simply type in this command:
slmgr -rearm

Within a few seconds you’ll normally see this dialog show up, saying that the command has completed successfully, at which point you’ll want to reboot.

Now don't panic you will still get the not genuine message at start up but it shouldn't be in the corner
of your desktop anymore.
So Checking the system properties again shows that you now have so many days left to activate.

Now run the Windows 7 Loader by right clicking and run as administrator (here is link to Load ... Read more »
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From several years we have seen lots of computer hacking groups are emerging to provide the core security articles/posts. But when it comes to Pakistan there are three main groups which makes the mark on world wide web. Pakistan Cyber Army , Pakhaxors and last but not least Pakbugs. These groups are the top most doing defacements. From past all groups are having fight with Indian Cyber Army[Indishell]. And few days ago indishell was gone down due to Ddos attack. Most people dont know that instead of making argue and fight against Indian Cyber Army[indishell]. These three Pakistani groups are fighting with each other to get the top place. After DjHaxor Pak Haxors were just disappears from the internet. and now Pakbugs are at top. As you see in the below screen shot Pakbugs are under DDos attack and most people thinking that this ws done by Indian Cyber Army, but in reality its done by an Pa ... Read more »

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PaisaLive.com is a unique advertising platform that brings together the Advertisers and Members. Members are paid each time they check the advertiser’s promotion and advertisers are able to send their message to the masses at a very low cost!

You need to login to your PaisaLive Account daily. For each unique login in 24 hours, they credit your account with a login incentive. Once you login, in your Inbox, you will receive promotions from their advertisers, based on your profile.  Just follow the below steps and get Rs 99 instantly in your account.

Step1 :- ... Read more »

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TCIL-IT (A Government of India Enterprise), Chandigarh is offering 6 Months Industrial Training in .Net Technology, Java Programming, PHP, Oracle 10g DBA,  Web Designing, Networking (MCSE & CCNA), Telecommunication Technology, Embedded System, IT Security & Ethical Hacking for the students of B.Tech (CSE/IT/ECE), MCA  Students. TCIL-IT is a division of TCIL, managed by ICSIL (Joint Venture of Delhi State Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation, An undertaking of Delhi Govt. & TCIL, A Govt. of India Enterprise under Ministry of Information Technology & Communications, Govt. of India). The interested students can check the detailed contents on our website: ... Read more »
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What do the titles mean?

Browser - Scans are done inside your browser. A plugin is usually needed in order for a scan to take place. You will be prompted to install the plugin before the scan starts. NOTE: Internet Explorer is needed to run 95% of these links. It is recommended to use IE for them all!

Single File - These sites allow you to upload one (1) file you find suspicious. Most of these sites have a limit on the size of the file allowed to be uploaded. Be sure to check and make sure you meet their requirements.

Single File - Multi - This simply means that there are multiple scanning engines used to scan ... Read more »

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To provide protection from DoS or DDoS attacks, basic security measures are mandatory. If a running system is hacked into, no more network attacks are necessary, since local attacks (like processes consuming lots of memory or CPU time, or simply shutting down the system) are far more effective. A set of firewalls should be used to separate the interior net (and probably a demilitarized zone) from the Internet. Intrusion Detection Systems should be used to notify the system administrators of unusual activities.

The firewall rules should include some sanity checks for source and destination addresses: Packets arriving from the Internet must not have a source address originating from the interior net, and vice versa. By rejecting packets from the interior net with a non-local source address, packet spoofing ... Read more »
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Warning :- This Post is for education purpose only.

EZCracker is one of the very few powerful tools used for cracking  pop-up websites. I was using Brutus from past but at some phases it fails but this tool is good for penetration testing. Mostly this tool is being used by pron websites crackers , who mainly targets pron sites for defacement. It is really a great public tool to crack pop-up sites. It's fast, new, and effective and i hope you will like it for sure.

... Read more »

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