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Main » 2011 » May » 4 » Full Tutorial On Using A Keylooger - By Dexter Philip
8:37 AM
Full Tutorial On Using A Keylooger - By Dexter Philip

Hello friends this is a great tutorial from my friend Dexter Philip one of the great geeks In India. Explore the tutorial and enjoy the stuff.

Full Tutorial On Using A Keylooger - By Dexter Philip 

---------------------TUTORIAL ON USING ARDAMAX KEYLOGER---------------------------
-------------------------------------By : DANGEROUS IDIOT------------------------------------------

Hello People,

I get many popping questions on my facebook like "which is the best keylogger?", "I can't set up my keylogger, can you help?",
"Damn! Dexter, Antivrius deleted my Keylogger, what to do?"
Well, to provide a guidance to such people, I decided to write this tutorial.

Okay, So first questions is what is a keylogger?
"I know that" (some people might be thinking"), but let me quote its definition for newbees / or i shall say people new in hacking world,
"A keylogger is something which logs whatever you type through keyboard in any form / window."
(key = Keyboard keys , logger - something that keeps record of something (here, keys))
So a keylogger is basically something which records or LOGS the typed characters via keyboard.

A keylogger is the best place to start learning the basics of hacking, and the keyloggers are used from ages, its not something new.
But it proves its value when compared to cracking the GMAIL or yahoo or FB passwords ( which will take > 10^6 years , LOL! I'll be old by then)

Ther are numerous keyloggers available in market, tons to be specific, since the fashion of using keyloggers by newbees never let it rot.
Even elite hackers sometimes use keyloggers when they find the target can be trapped easily, Most of RAT's too contain built in keyloggers in them.

I choose Ardamax for the purpose of this tutorial, since its a nice keylogger, with many good features.
I won't be posting any links here, as to where to download, Do some stuff , Ask your GURU Google.!

So lets start with the basic things we need :

1) Ardamax Keylogger
2) An FTP Account (or remote upload utility)
3) A Crypter or any Binder to byepass AV detection.

Since you're a hacker / a wannabe hacker, probably you won't be buying the Ardamax keylogger, so when you download, download the one with
crack or with a serial number, use torrents / rapidshare to download.

Anyway, After installation, Right Click the Ardamax keylogger and select REGISTER.
Enter the serial number provided.

(Note : If you're using a crack version, you won't need to register your copy)

In the image below, tha main screen of Ardamax keylogger is shown:

Now, Right click on the ardamax icon in the tray notification area and select 'Remote Installation'
You will be prompted with a welcome screen, click Next.
Choose where you want the keylogger to be installed ( I Choose Systems Folder), Click Next

Select all the options (Thats the best configuration) In Invisibility window. Click Next

In the security window, click Enable so that you can password protect your Keylogger executable so that none but you can open it.

In the options, select run in windows startup, startup in Hidden mode (make sure both are checked)

In the control window, select the configurations according to your wish. (Note: I'm teaching FTP method here, If anyone wants the logs to
be sent to his / her email use the EMAIL from the viewlist option and check EMAIL. And If you can't configure your email to work, contact me).
Click 'Test' To ensure that the configuration is working.

In the destination window, select the name of the keylog build file, and change the icon if you want. I mostly do that because sometimes even
changing the icon byepasses lame antiviruses such as AVIRA.

Choose your destination build path, click Next and Click Finish.

---Well, Thats It.---, You've succesfully build the keylogger for remote installation, Now just send the file to your victim (Or upload it to your website and
ask him to download and execute it. And the victim will be at your fingertips. )

Moreover, Since Ardamax is used alot by people, its easily detected by antiviruses. To overcome that difficulty, you can use a Crypter.
I won't be explaining the "How-To's" of a crypter here, since its out of scope of this tutorial, you can refer my tutorial on crypters to know how to do that.

====--------ORIGINALLY SIGNED BY : Dexter Philip aKa Dangerous Idiot---------=====

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