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Main » 2011 » December » 24 » Why We Hate Coding? For All Who Don't Like Programming Must Read
5:44 PM
Why We Hate Coding? For All Who Don't Like Programming Must Read

Well I know coders will not like above heading (I Hate Coding) but from my side really I hate it and I am sure some of you too. But after a long time I came to know that what the reason that I started hating programming. Well what I think programming-coding is all about creating logic. But when a beginner starts programming then they come to know about a language called C Language or may be C++.

It all goes like charm but after some time when we cross simple programs and enter into bit logic programs like ARMSTRONG numbers, we started getting errors in the coding, and the worst part 90% errors are syntax errors instead of logic errors. After some time again as the coding statements increases syntax error also increase and at last we just frustrated correcting syntax errors and say " I Hate Coding”.  This is because instead of developing the logic we messed up with the programming syntax.

According to me a true programming language is that which purely concentrated on the logic development instead of syntax mess.

Some Great Languages to start With :-

1.  Perl             

2. Python        

In My next articles i will post about Perl and Python so stay tuned. :)

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