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Main » 2010 » December » 23 » The Real Picture of Inj3ct0r | White and Dark side of Inj3ct0r
9:54 PM
The Real Picture of Inj3ct0r | White and Dark side of Inj3ct0r

First welcome back to by blog, sorry i shutted down this blog few months back but due to lots lots and lots of emails to relaunch it here i am back. So So when we talk about inj3ct0r we talk about injections. Injections are usually given for the good reasons but sometimes for bad purposes also. So why people always have wrong perceptions in their mind that inj3ct0r's content is always bad for computing. Actually, if you are feeling that you are secure on your pc using firewalls and having IDS or NIDS. How they actually update their engines. Their bugs are usually reported and resolved by inj3ct0r members. So how one can declare that inj3ct0r people are bad.


On the other side of the coin some people use inj3ct0r exploits in their wrong deeds like stack overflow attacks to jam the traffic on the website or accessing someone's account without his/her permission. These are the bad deeds and inj3ct0r is not meant for it. Inj3t0r's intention is only to educate the people but the people do it more in wrong way. They took the shell codes and inject them directly from the inj3ct0r's server. Thats why it has to change its server and domain again and again. That’s why inj3ct0r is becoming notorious day by day.

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