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Main » 2012 » January » 8 » The Bloody 60% Criteria | Must Read For B.Tech and All Other Branch Students | Rahul Tyagi
8:10 PM
The Bloody 60% Criteria | Must Read For B.Tech and All Other Branch Students | Rahul Tyagi

Few minutes ago jus got a call from one student of mine , he was not selected in interview bcz he was nt eligible for the company set criteria that is overall 60% through out study life. (10th - Masters). That guy really was too upset and wants to suicide. the word he said really hurts me too that " MY Carrier is finished i have 57% marks in +2 so i am not eligible for the test in any company". With these words he cred like hell that guy i know from a while he is a strong boy but as tdy as he cried really i was just flabbergasted... . Then i told him not to do such stupid thing called his father and then the things settled down. 

Now what is the bottom line of this note i am writing, well guyz may be from my friend list of 4500 many of you do not have the aggregate 60% (from 10th to masters). My dear friends this does not mean that the life ends here, and obviously who i am whom u listen , so i will let you know one thing about my study score so called percentage i scored only 52% in my +2 exam. Everyone including my family , friends and all near far people started saying that my life is done now and this  boy have no future now. Even i was pretty depressed at that time. No body is in support ... then after + 2 i entered BCA and them MCA and today i am standing tall against those friends who neglect me by saying that i was the bloddy 50% holder.

So no matters what you do friends the only thing is try to clear up your mind what exactly you want to be in your life. I wanted to be a security geek and after mah +2 i was pretty clear about this and starting doing things by taking my goal in-front of me and at last near to the goal today.

Please don't behave like child today is a private era so companies select people not by their mark sheet but by there knowledge , do good projects  and make them live, i guarantee if you do your practical projects with full care , not a single company will neglect you even u go single handed there.

What you can do is Please share this article link on your wall on Facebook , Twitter and where ever you can let us help the students who are suffering from this threat.

Hope this note will help some people to overcome from the depression of Bloody 60% criteria.

God Bless you all tc

For any Help Regarding Career Please feel free to talk to me on Facebook:-

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