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Main » 2012 » February » 19 » SMS Spoofing Protection Tips for Indian Telecom Comapanies by Rahul Tyagi
12:33 PM
SMS Spoofing Protection Tips for Indian Telecom Comapanies by Rahul Tyagi
Protection Against SMS Spoofing SMS Spoofing is today's biggest challenge for every telecom company. In India especially there is not a single company that provides complete protection against SMS Spoofing attack, and this is the thing to worry. Two main reasons are there why all companies are unable to prepare a bulletproof plan against this attack.

1. Hard Cyber Laws  2. Big Investment on the name of Security

Hard Cyber Laws
Here we are not talking about the laws for SMS spoofers , but laws for the telecom comapnies to implement a hard tracking gateway for sms spoofing. Untill Govt. issues a hard law to implement the security mechanism telecom companies will not take it serious also.

Big Investment on the name of security
Another big problem especially again in India, that we neglect security. Companies not paying much on security aspects when it comes to user facilities. Their main concentration is on providing the service but not providing it in secure way.

Protection against SMS Spoofing for Telecom Companies  
From my point of view the only best way companies can adopt for detecting and blocking spoofed messages is to monitor all incoming mobile originated SMSs to check that the sender is a valid user and that the SMS is coming from a genuine  and correct location.

Companies can do that by adding an intelligent routing function to the telecom network that can ask originating subscriber details from the HLR before the SMS is submitted for delivery address.
But again problem still exists that this kind of intelligent routing function is beyond the capabilities of today's Companies SMS infrastructure, and if they have it too then it need a long time to implement.

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