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Main » 2011 » October » 7 » Reset Your Android Lock xt Password
9:01 AM
Reset Your Android Lock xt Password

If you forgot your Android Lock xt Password for your iPhone 3g, 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch, here are the stepladder to get rid of it without reinstate:

  • USB Conncet your iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Since you can’t SSH (If you can then move to next step after making SSH link) you can use iFunbox [Windows] or iPhone Browser [Mac] to explore your iPhone/iPod’s files. [Use USB based applications like iPhone Exploreror DiskAidto access and replace these files or use SSH using WinSCPor CyberDuck(Mac)]
  • With your iPhone/iPod browser look and enter the "Library” folder under root. Then look for a folder in there called "Mobile Substrate” enter that and go to, "DynamicLibraries”.
  • Find two files called, "AndroidLock.plist” and "AndroidLock.dylib” and Delete those two files only!
  • Reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch and re-jailbreak it if you are on iOS 3.1.2.
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