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Main » 2010 » April » 15 » RapidShare Warns About Possible Phished Accounts
9:56 PM
RapidShare Warns About Possible Phished Accounts

last week, the TorrentFreak blog was warning users RapidShare was hunting and shutting down all users that broke the site's privacy policy and uploaded copyrighted content on their accounts. While the reports were false, we asked RapidShare's press department a couple of questions just before TorrentFreak issued an apology for their mistake. 

This wasn't all for nothing. It seems the rumors and our inquiry might have led RapidShare's team to detecting a possible phishing attack against their users. The false emails targeted Premium Account members, and were informing that their account was being terminated due to copyright infringements for their uploaded files. 

official response was to deny sending out those emails, restating its Privacy Policy and warning users of a possible phishing attack. The news release read the following, "During the last couple of days some e-mails created confusion, imputing illegal activities to the recipients and stating that RapidShare was collecting data against the Privacy Policy for legal purposes. The e-mails also advised the users to seek legal council. These emails are faked and did not originate from us. If you have received such a message, please contact our support, because your Premium Account might have been ‘phished’. The fake e-mails are sent to keep you from contacting us.”

A general paranoia seems to have taken over users and media alike that RapidShare might be filtering content lately. As a response to these claims, Rapidshare denied all the rumors and fears that the company might be using some kind of technology in opening and scanning their clients' uploaded files. The truth is that it made a strong point in reiterating their dedication in upholding the basic Internet rights for privacy and freedom.

"In fact, nothing has changed at RapidShare over the last days. We are still not collecting any information about which user downloads which files. We are still successfully fighting in court against requests to open or scan our customers' files, be it by our staff or by use of content recognition technologies. We are still defending data privacy rights on the internet,” the statement read.

The feeling of fear seems to have taken over RapidShare users since the 
company was forced to start filtering content for 148 book titles by a German court at the end of February 2010.

In fact, many security and privacy experts have even gone to predict that this ruling, if upheld or expanded against RapidShare could be its demise, being more than enough to scare users away to its competitors, companies with less security measures than RapidShare.

Coupled with the rumors of RapidShare sending account termination emails during the past week to Premium users for copyright infringement, a member
would have serious issues regarding their online privacy, to get/extend a Premium Account or move their file storing operations to other online services. For now the company is still in the aftermath of a complicated lawsuit, trying to defend its users' privacy and, subsequently, its business.

Source:- The Register
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