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Main » 2011 » December » 28 » Mobile Spying | Best Tool for Mobile Spying
4:32 PM
Mobile Spying | Best Tool for Mobile Spying
Mobile spying is the basic need of anyone these days and i got lots of cases from people like Girl Friend wants to spy on the boyfriend or Wife wants to spy on the husband or may be visa-verse. Anyways bottom line for today's article is  how to spy a cellphone. Here i will talk about a Application software called SpyBubble. SpyBubble is a software that allows you to log in from any computer and access any smartphone that it is installed on. Through SpyBubble, you can monitor and supervise any smartphone simply by entering your login username and password.

Spybubble has the following features that can be very useful in certain situations:-

Call Tracking
1. Access call logs and see how many calls were received and answered on the smartphone, how many calls were made on specific numbers, at what time and the duration they lasted.

SMS Tracking
2. Sent and received messages are saved into your SpyBubble account as they are generated, so you can read them even if they are deleted from the smartphone.

GPS Location Tracking

3. Using SpyBubble you can pinpoint the exact position of the phone (and the person using it) via Google Maps.

Phone Book Access

4. Every phone number saved in the smartphone memory can be viewed through SpyBubble.

Email Tracking

5. Incoming and outgoing emails are saved and can be seen via Email Tracking.

URL Tracking

6. SpyBubble let's you view the user's browsing history.

Photo Tracking

7. All photos sent and received on the phone are logged into SpyBubble website where you can view them.

How To Download And Install SpyBubble On Nokia Phone.

Step 1.
Open the Web Browser on your target phone and type in the following address and press Enter.

Step 2. The download process will then start.

Step 3. When prompted to install SpyBubble, click on Yes and then on Continue as shown in the following screenshots.

Step 4. After SpyBubble has been installed, you will see the following screen. Switch the phone off and then on.

Step 5. Register your license key as shown below.To get you license key, go to: SpyBubble Setting Page (you may have to log into the system first) You can also go to the member control panel and click on the Configuration menu to get it.

Step 6: Log in to SpyBubble Login Panel to verify if your account is working flawlessly.

Irresistable Features include:-
  • Has GPS tracking.
  • Can spy on text messages.
  • Can get contact book info from phone.
  • Can check out call log.
  • Popular Smart Phones supported.
  • Can be used to back up your own phone’s information.
  • 100% undetectable.
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