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Main » 2012 » February » 12 » Internet Explorer 9 XSS Protection Advisory by Rahul Tyagi
7:41 PM
Internet Explorer 9 XSS Protection Advisory by Rahul Tyagi
From the past Cross-site scripting attacks are a foremost online hazard. Their endeavor is to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the websites. So question arises how do they work? By compromising valid websites with malevolent content that can confine keystrokes and record your login information and password. If your login information and password is captured, your personal data could be compromised.In India people love to vomit instead of using IE9 ha ha :P , but maximum people don’t know that IE9  includes a cross-site scripting (XSS) filter that can detect these types of attacks. If vulnerabilities are found, Internet Explorer disables the harmful scripts. The cross-site scripting filter is turned on by default to help protect you.

Internet Exploit 9 XSS Protection

Here after switching off the protection XSS can be performed.

Note:- One thing which i tested by my own that in Mozilla Firefox we do not have inbuilt XSS protection , but we have many plugins that can protect from XSS.

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