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Main » 2012 » May » 24 » How to get your lost cell phone rahul tyagi way
7:34 PM
How to get your lost cell phone rahul tyagi way
Was ill today but was not finding myself comfortable so decided to write this post. This post will reveal the real way of tracing the lost cell phone. If you Google  trace lost cell phone you will find lots of blogs having the procedure   to get it back but unfortunately , from 100 posts 90% are failed to impress me so I decided to write It by my own in simple words so that will be easy for all of you to understand.

So let’s start as you discovered that your cell phone is missing then following are the steps you should follow to get it back.

1.You should have I IMEI number code for the lost mobile. If you didn’t noted down before then no worries just get the cell phone box and look for IMEI number it should be there. Note it down and you are ready for the next step to follow.

2.Now go to your nearest police station and make an FIR for lost phone. FIR is must because it’s not only related  to your lost phone , but what if  it will be grab by some criminals so its your responsibility to make an FIR no matters you will get the phone or not but you should must report and FIR.

3.Now new question will be knocking on your head, that what will police will do after getting your IMEI number. So let me clear the your doubt, police will forward your IMEI number to all Telecom companies and companies have the automated cell tracing mechanism in which they will enter your IMEI code, now as someone will make a call from your phone automatically it will be highlighted in telecom companies tracking system.

So now let’s understand how they track. Every telecom company has to keep logs of all cell phones and calls according to TRAI, and most of the people do not know that when you place a simple call through your GSM or CDMA Simcard, the company tracker will first will identify and save your cell phone’s IMEI number and then after conformation they will place your respective call. So every time you call your friend or someone else your IMEI number of cell phone will automatically saved by the tracker placed by company. If you remember in India Chinese phone’s are banned this is because all Chinese phones are having same IMEI so if any terrorist using that kind of phone will not be easy to capture and it’s hard for intelligence agencies to track down the exact location from where the cell phone being purchased.

Now let’s get back to the tracing, so as someone make a call from your lost phone companies having automated tracker enabled will show the exact location along with the call record details and if you are lucky they will get your cell as soon as possible. The exact location based on Longitude and latitude positions can be seen in Google Earth.

Note:- Well if your cell phone cost below 10k then I do not think that most of the police people will pay attention to you, the reason behind is that you are not the only one who lost his/her phone , so for police its difficult to satisfied each and every person.

Hope you like my post , do comment if you have any suggestion or idea to make this post more informative.


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