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Main » 2011 » December » 18 » eWhoring | Dark Side of Internet Chat | Internet Blackmailing
7:53 PM
eWhoring | Dark Side of Internet Chat | Internet Blackmailing

What is eWhoring?

A whore is a whore and e whoring means an online whore. This might sound a bit uncomfortable to some people but making money through ewhoring is the latest buzz. eWhoring actually means posing yourself as a girl on the Internet.

Why would I pose as a girl?

Alright, I know this is a genuine question. Posing as a girl on Internet, especially chat means involving some perverts on chat and sending them to a site which makes you money.

How do I make money here?

Lot of dating (adult or non-adult) networks pay you once a person fills in his details and submits a form. This income can range from $1.45 to unlimited. $1.45 can be earned on networks which pay you once a user fills in a form an submits it without making any payment or submitting his credit card information.

So what do I do?

All you have to do is pose as a female on chat sites and get involved. You may ask the person to go to a page and sign up which in turn makes you money. You have a higher chance if you are a female. All you got to do is show your face on cam and ask the person to sign up on a site to see more of you…ahem…ahem…You know what I actually mean.

I am a Guy, have tried this and people do ask for cam. This thing does not work.

If you look around, there are many software available which can show a few seconds cam clip from your computer. The person will then be convinced that you are a female.

Is this genuine?

Yes and NO. This not a legal way of making money online but there are affiliates which don’t give a f*** about such things. If you are really scared of losing your account then please talk to your affiliate manager before practicing e whoring.

This is illegal and can get you banned.

Like I explained above it depends on the network you are doing it with. Do it or continue making money online the way you are.

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