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Main » 2011 » October » 4 » Ethical Hacking Certification Course in India ~ Chandigarh
4:50 PM
Ethical Hacking Certification Course in India ~ Chandigarh
TCIL-IT Certified Ethical Hacker Level II

TCIL-IT Certified Ethical Hacker Level 2, TCEH Level 2 is an advanced ethical hacking training certification that complements the TCIL-IT Certified Ethical Hacker Level 1 certification by exploring the analytical phase of ethical hacking. While the TCEH Level 1 certification exposes the learner to hacking tools and technologies, the TCEH Level 2 certification takes it a step extra by exploring how to evaluate the result from these tools and technologies. Through revolutionary Website and network penetration testing methods and techniques, this security certification helps students execute the demanding assessments essential to effectively identify and alleviate risks to the information security of the communications.

Course Contents
 Introduction to ethical hacking
 Career in Ethical Hacking in India
 Underground Hacking World
 Hacking Communities all around the world
 A Small Guide to Networking
 Black and White Box Information Gathering
 Advance Google Hacking
 Trojan and RATing Attacks
 Binders and Cryptors
 Exploit Writing With Python
 Basics of Perl Language
 The Extreme Social Engineering
 Firewall Policy implementations at Corporate Level
 Spamming Attacks
 Advance Email Hacking Techniques
 System Hacking Windows/Linux/ MAC
 Introduction to Backtrack Operating System R1
 Protocols Vulnerabilities and Exploiting through Sniffers
 Steganography Terrorist Love
 Website Hacking Techniques and Countermeasures
 Virus - Worm -Zombies in Depth
 Digital Forensics
 Buffer Overflow Attacks
 Be Anonymous in Cyber World VPN and Proxy Servers
 Hacking Mobile Phone Operating Systems Available
 Cyber Law in India and Abroad
 Network Security & Information Security
 Discussion on Research Paper by Rahul Tyagi
 Exploiting With Metasploit Framework 4.0
 Session Hijacking with Android Applications
 Denial of Services Attacks
 A Close eye on Cryptography and RSA
 Hacking Home routers and Countermeasures
 USB Hacking Technique / Switch blades
 Social Engineering
 Understanding ATM Security

Course Benefits:-
- Students will get custom designed ethical hacking tool kit by Rahul Tyagi having size 20 GB, Full of Ethical hacking tools, Video Lectures, Research Papers on Computer Security.
- Every Student will get his own personal Blog website.
- After Completion of the course student will Get Govt. Recognized Certification on Security Called TCEH Level 1.
- 4 operating systems will be given to students.
- Free Hacking Crux 2 Book for Registered Students.
- Face to Face interaction with Rahul Tyagi.
- Live Project for College Submission for your training.

For Admission Please Visit :- TCIL-IT (ICS) S.C.O. 3017-18, Second Floor Sec. 22D, Chandigarh - 160 022 Phone : 0172 - 4634529 Mobile : 098767 95015, 086992 30728, 097815 54540 E-mail :, or Visit

Copyrights TCIL-IT Chandigarh                Designed By Rahul Tyagi
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