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Main » 2011 » December » 21 » Difference Between FTP and SFTP | Rahul Tyagi
2:55 PM
Difference Between FTP and SFTP | Rahul Tyagi
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an older protocol for moving files back and forth over the Internet and other networks. All modern web browsers still speak FTP, which was sometimes used as a substitute for HTTP in the early days of the web. FTP is still used often as a means of downloading large files.

Many web hosts still offer FTP as the preferred way of uploading new web pages to a website. However, because there is no encryption of your password, FTP is not the best choice for this purpose. And since there is no encryption of the files being moved, FTP is a poor choice indeed for more sensitive information.

SFTP (Secure FTP) is a popular replacement. Built on SSL, SFTP is just as secure as HTTPS. And most modern FTP clients, such as the free, high-quality FileZilla program for Windows, support both FTP and SFTP. SFTP offers a set of features quite similar to FTP and will be immediately familiar to FTP users, although it works quite differently "under the hood."

                           SFTP In Action Below

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