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Main » 2010 » June » 20 » Cyber Crime: Man held for e-mailing threats to hotel
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Cyber Crime: Man held for e-mailing threats to hotel

A 40-year-old man who had sent e-mail threats to a city hotel in his wife’s name, in order to create trouble for her, was arrested by the cyber cell of the Pune police on Thursday.

Sunil Suresh Nayak alias Suresh Dholkya (40) was nabbed in Bangalore by a police team led by deputy commissioner of police (cyber cell) Rajendra Dahale.

Speaking to reporters, Dahale said that Nayak had sent two e-mails to the hotel on June 1 and in them he had threatened to blow up the hotel on June 2. He also told the hotel to pay Rs 2.5 crore through a bank demand draft and gave his wife’s address so that the payment could be made. "We received a complaint on June 1 from the hotel authorities,” Dahale said.

The police contacted the networking website to find out where the e-mail had come from. "The company gave us the address, which turned out to be a cyber cafe in Bangalore,” said Dahale.

"Our team went to Bangalore and checked the hard discs of the computers at the cyber cafe,” added Dahale. "We confirmed that the e-mails had indeed been sent from one of the computers. The cafe owner told us that one particular person used that computer every day.”

The police led a trap near the cafe and arrested Nayak on Thursday. "After the arrest he immediately admitted to sending the e-mails to the Pune hotel,” said Dahale. "He also admitted to sending insulting e-mails to the cyber cell of the Mumbai police.”

During interrogation Nayak said that he had sent the e-mails to create trouble for his wife. According to him, he and his wife were doing HR consultancy in Singapore. "On the pretext of selling some property in Bangalore, my wife brought me in India. She registered a complaint of harassment against me and I was put in prison for 20 days,” Nayak said.

He said that his wife had also thrown him out of the house. "I was depressed and wanted to teach her lesson. So I created a fake e-mail address, randomly selected a hotel in Pune and sent e-mails to the hotel,” Nayak said.

Dahale said that Nayak has been arrested under section 66 (a) and 66 (c) of Information and Technology Act.

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