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Main » 2010 » August » 30 » 5 Reasons Why NOT Black Berry
8:04 PM
5 Reasons Why NOT Black Berry
Black Berry,one of the leading enterprise phone available on earth. But with its groundbreaking advantages it also have many disadvantages ( ya you heared right, i said MANY ), but yup here are some of them...         Lovely professional university,Rahul Tyagi, LPU
1. No Wi-Fi – With the iPhone 3G, you can surf at home, countless free hotspots (McDonalds anyone?), or take advantage of an O2 tariff with all-you-can-eat Wi-Fi. Sadly there’s no such option on the Storm.
2. Networks in control of apps – The good news is that the new BlackBerry Apps Centre is more consumer-focussed than ever. The bad news? While Apple keeps a tight grip on the reins of its store, RIM has handed over control to network operators. Operators can boycott applications that use too much bandwidth.
3. It’s a chunky beast – While the Storm’s 112.5mm height and 62.2mm width are from practically the same cookie cutter as the iPhone 3G, it’s 13.95mm depth is tad more than the Apple’s 12.3mm. Just enough to make it feel like a bit of a chunky monkey. And at 155g, compared with the iPhone’s 133g, it weighs 15% more.

4. Touch screen typing – Yes it’s a very natty, iPhone-trumping touch screen that clicks when you press it down. But it’s still a touch screen. Other BlackBerrys are the best in the business for speedy two-thumb emailing. We’ll grab our Bold and give you and your Storm an email-banging-out race any time.
5. Sluggish 3G – The Storm supports 7.2mbps HSDPA… but Vodafone’s only rolled that out in a handful of cities so far. So if you live outside a major town, it’ll suck.
Recently the security issues nearly, break the backbone of black berry.According to me some one is responsible for handling the administartion of the black berry enterprise server, and that administartor can set controls allowing users to download certain files that may have a distructive payload, receiving a email that may hve a trojen horse that downloaded into the PDA,and wehn it launched it allow that hacker to moniter and access the email that recipiant is receiving, and yes its very dangerous in corporate communication at i am concerned server level. So better where i am concerned better to leave BERRY and TRy MANGO he he
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