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how hack password by usb pendrive


We have already answered this question please see questions carefully. thanks

Question By: Rahul Rajput

How to hack window 7 administrator password?


You can try Active Password Changer with bootable CD or USB. 

Question By: Praveen

Sir please tell me how to find wireless interface on backtrack5 r3 in vmware.
it cannot show wireless interface?


You can not use wireless interface in any virtual environment, bcz itrs already in use by the physcial machine. What you can do is you can buy a external wireless adapter . Try TP LINk or Alpha Card from Ebay its of Rs 1200. Make a google search. ;) Gud Luck

Question By: Rajat Rawar

Sir, Hello sir I am Aditya I want to know how we hack those website who does not have id=?.


Id= is one of the GET parameters used to pass the data through URL  to server, you can try POST SQL Injection which i have answered above question. Please see POST SQL Injection method.

Question By: Aditya Sharma

hello rahul
my question is how to hack wi fi password from phone.i have found my software to crack the password from net but there are no response
so help me to to do this
also told me how to hack facebook account and get password without any problem
amandeep singh


To Crack and test your wifi password try aircrack in kalilinux or Gerix Wifi Cracker in Backtrack 2. 

Question By: Amandeep Singh Randhawa

how to hack window administrator password in window xp and 7?


Already we have answered this.

Question By: Satish

I am in chennai working in HCL.I want to learn ethical Hacking.can u suggest me from where it will be effective to many institute just take money and dont teach just use of tools which dont work most of the times.

Answer:You can come to us dear have a look and then decide if you feel great then welcome to Lucideus.

Question By: Vinay Kumar